A Weekend in the Midwest


One thing you should know about me is that I hate cold weather.  So it was just my luck that my boyfriend decided to go to school in Ohio, of all places.  I wanted to visit as soon as I could, but the opportunity did not present itself until the middle of winter.  I was hesitant to go because I know my body’s capabilities, and the cold in Ohio is very unforgiving.  However, I figured that it would be snowing, and the sight of snow would balance out the ungodly temperatures. Well, I got there and it was freezing cold, but not one snowflake was in sight.   Unfortunately, living in Southern California, my wardrobe and my body were ill equipped for real winter weather.  I spent much of my time shivering under my five layers of clothing and repeating the phrase “Mind over Matter”.  Thinking back, I do not know how I was able to happily survive the winters of Germany and Switzerland.

Despite my physical agony, I had a great time exploring the campus and the city of Columbus. The campus was drastically different than my metropolitan campus, packed in the middle of Los Angeles.  Ohio State spread out for miles and miles, with lakes and fields and trees in between all of the buildings.  I would have liked to wander around campus, but the wind was unkind, and I sought out refuge in the library while G went to class.  Given my red eye flight, I promptly passed out in a secluded corner of the library and awoke two hours later with drool covering my hand.

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring Columbus and eating our hearts away.  If you have ever met us, you know that G LOVES food.  He is always hungry and never gains weight, so he is constantly eating.  I usually control my eating habits by staying away from food.  However, if there is good food in front of me, I cannot stop myself from eating it.  G’s constant eating and my lack of self control is a recipe for disaster, so every time we are together I pack on a few pounds.   It is safe to say that we spent the majority of our time either eating or thinking about our next meal.  We ate at quite a few delicious restaurants, but my favorite was the North Market and Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Ice cream is just about my favorite food on the planet, and I always make room for it.  Graeter’s had some very unique flavors and their quality was top tier.

One of the nicest parts of Columbus was the river that ran through the city.  There was a beautiful path along the river that winded its way through neighborhoods and parks.  We strolled down this path and found ourselves in some really beautiful parts of town.  Overall, it was a cold but relaxing weekend, and I look forward to going back in the future.

P.S. I apologize for the poor photo quality.  All I had that weekend was my phone.

River Walk

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