Mercado Modelo, Elevador Lacerda, & Jazz

For our first free day in Salvador, a group of us explored the old part of the city.  We started by visiting a famous market called the Mercado Modelo.  Inside were vendors selling jewelry, paintings, clothes, shoes, and unique souvenirs.  I have a bit of a shoe addiction, and I always end up buying shoes when I am traveling.  Brazil was no exception.  I snagged a beautiful pair of leather sandals for a great price, and then I hightailed it out of the market before I could be sucked into spending more money.

Next, we rode the Elevador Lacerda to the upper part of the city.  We found a setup for the upcoming Summer Olympics and an area filled with beautiful architecture.

We were in for a surprise.  We had not realized that a pop up market was being held that day in the old city, and we were lucky enough to  happen upon it.  There was live music, dancing, food vendors, desserts, artisans, and more.  I even found my favorite dessert, Pasteis de Nata.

After that, we headed over to a jazz concert with some of our other friends.  The jazz was impressive, but it was more fun just being in the atmosphere.  I loved the fact that many locals would regularly visit this jazz series.  Later that night, a group of us went out to a few bars and clubs.  The nightlife Salvador was very different than what I had experienced in the past.  We stayed in Rio Vermelho at their one main bar, then branched off into a few clubs.  The nightlife was much more casual, as everyone was in simple clothes.  However, it was still a blast, and I appreciated the casual vibes and cheap-ish drinks.


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