The Adventure Begins: Getting to Madrid

And I'm off!
The only picture I took from that day

Coming from a family that always overprepares for trips, I never thought I would be the girl that missed her flight.  Yet Wednesday morning, the 405 freeway didn’t disappoint us with a five car crash that left us in hours of traffic.  I pulled into the terminal at 8:15 for my 9:00 flight, rushed to the self check-in, and was greeted with a wonderful ticket that stated I had missed my check-in window.  I rushed to the ticket counter to reschedule my flight, but was sent on a long scavenger hunt to another ticket counter.

After many hours on the phone with British Airways, I was finally able to get on another flight that connected in London.  My plane ended up arriving an hour late, and I missed my connecting flight to Madrid.  I had to reschedule my ticket once again for a later flight and pay 50 euros since they spelled my name wrong on the rebooking.  However, after a long day of flights, I finally arrived in Madrid.  Thankfully my luggage in one piece, and I was able to get to my hotel where I met the rest of my program.  It was a rocky start to my study abroad, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

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